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for this month’s luncheon

Lunch: Only $15. You are welcome to come to as many lunches as you wish, regardless of whether or not you are a member. Lunches are on Fridays, generally the last Friday of the month (see list here), from noon to 1:30 pm at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth (200 West First Street). Park in the Holiday Inn ramp – parking for the duration of the lunch is free! For reservations, please visit this page. Reservations help us be prepared for the right number of people. However, feel free to come even if you have not made a reservation – we are always glad to see you.
Mailing List & Name Tag Alert: Please note that after February 28, only current members will receive monthly meeting notices via e-mail or snail mail. Re-usable nametags will be made for current members only.

Suggestions for Speakers: If you would like to speak at one of our meetings, or suggest a speaker, please contact Kathlynn McConnell at 218-878-3653 or kathlynn.mcconnell@membersccu.org.

Raffle Prizes: If you would like to contribute a raffle prize, please contact Kathlynn McConnell, PWN Vice President, at 218-878-3653 or kathlynn.mcconnell@membersccu.org, or just bring the prize to a meeting. It’s a great opportunity to promote your business.

Questions & Comments?: Please contact Elaine Hansen, PWN President, 218-726-6793 or ehansen@d.umn.edu. For comments and questions about the website, email the webmaster.

THANK YOU! For being a member, for bringing your expertise and interest to our monthly meetings, and for supporting professional women in our community.